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Meditation & Mindfulness Sessions
In Schools & Colleges

Meditation in Schools & Colleges is Proven to Enhance and Improve the Health & Wellbeing of Children and Students

We all want happy, healthy lives for our children. Teaching Children how to meditate can give them a jump start to accessing the many benefits of meditation. Today children exhibit elevated levels of restlessness, stress and anxiety with pressures of exams and social media.  In our modern society these problems are aggravated by social media (which amplifies the effects of bullying and social pressure), excessive stimulation from media and technology (leading to more restlessness and to a shorter attention span). As a result, mental health issues in children—such as anxiety and depression—are increasing.

That is where meditation, which is a practice of relaxation, awareness, focus and stillness, can be very beneficial in supporting a mental health & well being programme. we are gradually seeing a movement to integrate meditation and mindfulness in education. In some schools, meditation has served as an addition to Physical Education programs at various levels, and in others it has served as a replacement for Detention Programs. This movement of teaching meditation to children is building momentum, and there are studies showing many positive results. Meditation gives children the tools to deal with their emotional challenges, and grow into healthy and mature individuals.


Several studies suggest that Children who practice mindfulness tend to develop positive traits such as increased self-control, better attentiveness in class, and more empathy and respect for others. In addition, meditation may help children manage challenging conditions such as stress, depression, ADHD and hyperactivity.

Teenagers and young adults can also benefit from meditation sessions as a way to unwind and relax from the pressure of studying and exams.


Childhood and teenage years are foundational in our development as human beings. It is when our personalities are formed, our view of the world developed, and our ways of relating to others and to ourselves established.

Clearly, introducing children to mindfulness can benefit them now and in the future.

The skills and tools we learn in our early years have a huge impact on the rest of our lives—and that is why meditation is such a great gift to give to a child.

meditation in schools

Well Being For Students

wellbeing for students

Supporting Mental Health of Pupils

meditation for students

Benefits that have been found in studies and programmes of meditation for children in schools around the world and teachers implementing regular meditation sessions for their pupils.   

  • Students are more focused and settled

  • Social-emotional development  

  • Self-awareness and self-regulation

  • Better mental health

  • help reduces anxiety, depression and fatigue in children, compared to physical education alone.

  • A reprieve from outside trauma

  • meditation helped children feel happier and more relaxed.

  • Increased attention

  • improved concentration

  • enhanced focus

  • fostered compassion and self-esteem

  • boosting confidence

  • building empathy and happiness

  • less adhd

  • improved psychological well-being

  • better behaviour

  • less stress and depression

  • better school performance

If you would be interested in including meditation into your school activities to support your current health & well being programme please contact us via the contact page to discuss this further and we will be happy to arrange an introductory session.

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