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meditation in the workplace. Employee wellbeing

Corporate Meditation Mindfulness Sessions In The Workplace, Meditation In Schools, Meditation Sessions & WellBeing Days In Tranquil Chew Valley, Bristol, Meditation Studio

Meditation Mindfulness Sessions In The Workplace Specifically Tailored for the Corporate Environment

Enhance Staff Wellbeing

Can be Simply & Effectively Incorporated into Company's Mental Health Policy

Improves Staff Morale

Improves Focus & Concentration

Reduces Staff Absenteeism

Meditation Sessions & Wellbeing Days In Picturesque Chew Valley, Bristol

Meditation Sessions In Bristol & Surrounding Areas For Schools & Colleges To Enhance & Improve The Mental Health & Wellbeing Of Students

Meditation   Mindfulness   Relaxation   Indian Head Massage

Tai Chi Adapted Exercise  Group & Private One to One Sessions 

Meditation Sessions Bristol - Meditation Courses Bristol  

Wellbeing Days

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