Meditation Courses & Sessions 

Located in picturesque countryside Breathe Meditation Therapy room offers beginners, intermediate & one 2 one meditation mindfulness & relaxation sessions.  During the summer months full advantage of the lovely views and outdoor space provide a peaceful setting with lovely views of the chew valley for an introduction into meditation sessions.  When the weather is not so accommodating an indoor tranquil meditation room is available for Meditation Sessions.


Wellbeing Days to commence Spring/Summer 2021




Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness 

Beginners 5 Week Course£50

This course is for those wanting to learn the techniques to be able to commence a meditation practice. You will be able to explore and practice a wide range of techniques to find what suits you best so that you can continue on with your own individual practice. You will also learn the benefits of meditation and scientific research supporting a regular meditation practice. 

Sessions are 1 Hour per week over a 5 week Period

Daytime & Evening times are available    



Intermediate Course

Meditation & Mindfulness

5 Week Course £50

This course is for those who have attended a beginners course and would like to continue on with increasing their experience and develop their practice further.

Sessions are 1 hour per week over a 5 week period

Daytime & Evening Times are available

1-1 Sessions 

Meditation & Mindfulness

£40 per hour

If you would prefer a private one to one session tailored to you private sessions are available

Meditation Sessions

Understanding people come to meditation sessions from differing perspectives Breathe offers different options so you can choose the type of meditation practice that suits you best or maybe have a little variation in your practice.

Heart Minded Meditation Session 

1 Hour Session - £10


This meditation session consists of heart minded meditations aiming to connect mind, body and soul.  

If you are looking for meditation to bring you home to yourself and find more meaning and inner peace this is a lovely session for you



Calm, Breathe and Relax session

1 Hour Session - £10


This is a session for people looking for a straightforward, no fluff session of meditation and mindfulness.

If you are looking for a meditation session to help relieve stress and bring a little me time into your busy life this session could be just what you need.

With a combination of breathing techniques and meditations designed to bring about the relaxation response in the body these sessions are a wonderful way to look after your mental health and well being. 

We all know the importance of exercise for physical health but often neglect our mental health. Meditation sessions are a scientifically proven way to do this and this session could be just what you need to bring a feeling of balance, clam and rejuvenation into your life.

Relaxation Sessions



45 minute Relaxation Session incorporating Indian Head,Shoulder and Back Massage 

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