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Breathe provides meditation sessions to businesses in the workplace, schools, colleges & in group & private one to one sessions in tranquil meditation studio in the Chew Valley, near Bristol.  

Paula Hewitt who established Breathe and now runs sessions throughout the Bristol area has a background in health & fitness having previously being owner manager of a fitness health center and being a qualified exercise to music teacher. Having also worked in corporate companies where she saw how stress had an impact on the overall health and well being and performance of staff and seeing the benefits exercise had not only physically but also mentally on those with a regular fitness regime Paula became increasingly interested in a holistic approach to health and well being and was aware of the utmost importance of the mental as well as physical health.


  After many years of a meditation practice where she found much personal benefit from a regular practice and an interest in the immense benefits scientific research supporting meditation showed to mental health and well being, Paula's passion grew to bring meditation and mindfulness into the community as a mainstream practice to aid and improve people's mental health and well being. She qualified with distinction as a meditation teacher with the British School of Meditation which is an Ascentis & Ofqual accreditation qualification and also trained in Tai Chi adapted exercises and Indian Head Massage wanting to provide complete sessions of meditation, mindfulness and relaxation to those who might not ordinarily consider attending a conventional meditation class.


Being aware that meditation could be of utmost benefit to improving mental health Breathe was established to assist employers wanting to implement a simple but effective well being programme to be made available for their employees as part of  their company mental health policy that could fit seamlessly into a workplace environment. 

With the daily stress and pressures of business and studies, meditation is needed more than ever and is scientifically proven to be beneficial and successful in improving mental health and relieving stress, with techniques that can be carried forward into all aspects of life.  Breathe brings meditation sessions in Bristol & surrounding areas into the workplace. 


Strongly believing that meditation and mindfulness can also be beneficial in supporting a wellbeing programme for children the Breathe concept has also been adapted to suit children and being brought into schools and colleges.  With a growing increase in awareness of the importance of mental health being a considerably important factor in overall health and wellbeing Breathe was established to take meditation sessions to employees into the work place and students at college and schools and to teach smaller groups  how to commence a personal meditation practice.


  Meditation has many proven benefits and is becoming increasingly prescribed by health professionals to patients with high blood pressure, stress related symptoms, depression and anxiety, proving to successfully help improve patients overall health and well being. Breathe successfully delivers simple, concise sessions that are fully inclusive to all and are easily implemented within a workplace, school, college, or university environment. The ethos of Breathe is that the benefits of meditation and mindfulness should be accessible and approachable for everyone as a valuable tool in caring for mental health and well being for all.  

With a view that selfcare and mental health & wellbeing are of utmost importance, Breathe Meditation Studio was established to run wellbeing days and meditation sessions in a lovely relaxing meditation studio in the Chew Valley, near Bristol.  


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